in 2004 and 2005 I went to Ailefroide in the Haute Alpes, South Western France, which is like an adventure playground, full of big mountains and nearly every outdoor sport you would want to do!

Here are some pictures from both trips. Click on each image to see a full size version.

The Valley in Ailefroide

On the Bosse de Claphouse above Ailefroide

The Campsite in Ailefroide

Gathering aorund the fire 2005

2005 Campsite

The campsite from 500m above on Tete de la Draye

The campsite again from Tete de la Draye

A Helicopter dropping supplies off at the Refuge de Glacier Blanc 2005

Valle de Claphouse

Dome de Ecrins 4015m from Close up

The Dome again

Another shot of the Dome

The top half of the Dome

The Dome d'Ecrins in Full. 900m straight up

The Summit, July 2004.

View from the Top

From the top again

Around the fire in 2005

2005 again

A Fire

On the Claphouse Glacier 2005

Practising ice Axe arrests at 2600m

Ice Axe arrests again!

The view down the Claphouse Glacier

Lining up to take a fall!

Glacier Blanc from Tete de la Draye

The valley north from Ailefroide

The flat part of Glacier Blanc

The largest Ice Axe in the world, outside the Mayors office, L'Argentiere La Besse

Me on the Claphouse Glacier

The lake south of L'Argentiere on a rest day


Mt Pelvoux

Mt Pelvoux from the North

Mt Pelvoux from the campsite

Pont de Celse Noir, the view from my Tent!

Free climbing in Puy St Vincent 2004

Puy St Vincent

Via ferrata in Puy St Vincent, 2004

Puy St Vincent Via Ferrata from a distance

An easy Via Ferreta in a Gorge

Via Ferreta again

Via Ferreta again

The helicopter arriving at Refuge de Glacier Blanc 2005

South from Tete de la Draye

The valley above the campsite


Tete de la Draye


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