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We did this at tavistock, with the wargames company. There were several other groups there, making a total of 34 people competing on the day. After a brief safety and familiarisation talk, everyone moved out for the first game. All the groups were inter-mingled and split into two teams, so members from Expo and travel were fighting against each other. The first game was the Village. The village was set in two halves, and the game consisted of each team having to wipe out the other one. With lots of wooden buildings to hide behind, it was a good game to get your eye in, and try and start the day without being shot too much! Then the teams moved onto two games of catch the flag. A flag was placed in the middle of a large wooded area, with each team having a base either end.The flag had to be captured, and taken to then other teams' base. This sounds a lot simpler than it actually was, as lack of team co-ordination on both sides led to the flags being taken unprotected initially.

On the first game, Andy from Expo and travel took the flag early on, but was left exposed on his own on one side. He was subject to a lot of shots before he had to leave the flag for the rival team to sneak it back to base. Two games were played, with the 2nd being more enjoyable as the concept of tactics appeared briefly! Both teams won a game. As there were only 2 groups left at this stage, they were split into teams with the 12 members of Expo and Travel being challenged by the 7 more experienced members of a stag party that were there. The game was speedball.It was a small area with 3 foot piles of tyres being the only protection. Expo and Travel only had 1 tactic, spread out in a line and "CHARGE". It worked perfectly, with 5 people left standing at the end! However the 5 survivors, were then given 20 seconds to find a position and battle it out to the last man standing. Conor won this one, although we did left him!

The last game of the day was the Trenches. There were a series of trenches protected by woods, which led up to a series of bunkers. The stag party were defending the bunkers, with Expo and travel attacking. This game had a variation of the rules, when you got shot, you could touch a post and return to the game. This enabled you to run down you ammo supply, as it would be any point having ammo left over. We have no idea who won, but a lot of people got shot! The day was a very successful one. The cost of the day depended upon how trigger happy you were, with 100 shots costing 7, people spent between 20 and 60 for the day!, but everyone had an equal amount of fun!


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