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Trip 1 - November 2001

I drove to Nant Peris, a small village just below Snowdon just before 11, tents were erected, and a good night’s sleep was enjoyed by all before an early start the next morning.

The main goal of the day all was to climb Tryfan, an impressive looking mountain over 3,000 feet. There was a short drive to the starting point where the group was split into two, with the intention of the faster group climbing Tryfan and the Glyders just behind, led by club president Conor and Safety sec Ross. The second group would climb Tryfan led by club advisor Jeremy and last year’s president Guy.

The first group set off up a fairly steep rocky path for a few hundred metres, which became ever increasingly steeper. Then the scrambling started, which is climbing up rocks and boulders, without the need for fixed ropes and the more specialist rock climbing equipment, although there were several other groups using ropes to climb up. It still can be demanding with a great deal of concentration and effort required. The scrambling up Tryfan is fairly long with a total height gain of over 1,500 feet required to reach the summit.

The first group made good pace, there were some tricky climbs fairly early on, but they tended to be fairly short with plenty of rest point, however as more height was gained the steeper and longer the climbs tended to be. About a third of the way up, the first interesting feature was arrived at.

The cannon is a large rock jutting out of the mountain at an angle, looking exactly like a cannon protecting the mountain. After a short breather the climbing resumed, which was in places steep fairly exposed with very large drops either side. After around an hour another ledge was reached where the full extent of the mountain could be seen above. One of the group members Marcus asked Conor which route we were taking, to which Conor just pointed directly up the foreboding steep rocky face above, to which he was asked, no really, which way are we going up!
There were several other groups on the mountain, and when the face was reached, after a few pieces of tricky climbing both up and down some pinnacles, there was a large queue of people waiting to get up. Considering this was the middle of November, the amount of people on the mountain shows how popular the scramble is. The second group also found this out, as they were held up considerably by a group of School children being led up the climb.

Group 1 attained the summit in around two hours, were they stopped and had lunch. At the top of Tryfan is another feature called Adam and Eve, which is two rock pillars standing around four feet high with a couple of foot gap between them. Several members of both groups took up the challenge of making the leap between them, which takes a fair bit of nerves considering the huge drop on one side of them!

During lunch Group 1 suffered a major setback, when their map accidentally slid between two boulders, out of reach. After lunch group 1 headed over the summit and down the other side of the mountain where the Glyders started. When the base was reached, a decision was made not to climb the Glyders due to the dwindling amount of daylight time left and to avoid the possibility of being on the mountain in the dark. So it was agreed to take a long scenic route around some of the lakes in the area, back to the transport.

Group 2 made the summit in around 3 hours, after being severely hampered by the volume of people climbing the mountain, and descended without a hitch, and made it back to the van OK, descending the final path in the dark.

That night the club cooked a very nice and very welcome spaghetti bolognese to Conor’s special recipe which included amongst many other thing the unusual ingredient of Branston pickle, but made it taste fantastic. Every chipped in with the preparation, cooking and washing up, before everyone retired to the village pub conveniently located 20 metres from the campsite, (possibly a factor in the choice of campsite!), for a night of merriment.

The next day, it was an early rise again, with a more leisurely 2-hour walk around the lake below the Devil’s Kitchen.It was then back to the campsite to load everything up, and set off on the long journey home.

Trip 2 - April 2002

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