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Issue One Spring 1998

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This is the first edition of Monkey Boy News, bringing you the stories and information that other papers wouldn't, (probably due to lack of interest!).


Page 2 Up-to date news, Darwin awards and more!
Page 3 Our pair of stunners for you!
Page 4 Features- 1.Internet Simulator
Page 5 Showbiz news
Page 6 TV Listings
Page 7 Chinese horroscopes!
Page 8 Financial and Money Matters
Pages 9-10 Sport



Two Ex-world leaders, a famous president and a prime minister we can reveal have been found wearing womens clothing in private! The world is in shock after the revalations we have made. Members of the general public interviewed in the street had the following comments, Mr Hugh Jazz said "I can't believe it, especially when I had put my faith in democracy to choose a leader fit to lead the country, this thing is not on. Mrs Locust said "What is the world coming to, you expect this behaviour from dirty old men, not from people who had their finger on the bomb". Lily Savage was unavailable for comment. continued on page two.

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