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Elvis Spotted in London Chipshop.

Yes we can exclusively confirm that Elvis was spotted in a chippie in Covent garden yesterday. A woman interviewed at the scene confirmed that it was Elvis she had seen, and she couldn't believe her eyes. "I had no idea he was still alive" she said. Later a spokesman for Mr Costello's record company stated that "Elvis is currently recording a new album".

R Kelly Breaks Leg

Soulful singer R Kelly has broken his leg in an unfortunate accident in his Los Angeles home. It is believed that Mr Kelly took the lyrics of his 1997 smash hit, "I believe I can Fly" too literally and jumped off the roof of his home flapping his arms. He is recovering at home and is said to be stable. 

Pop Chart

1. Careless Wrister - George Michael
2. On my Own - Paul McCartney
3. Kung Fu Fighting - Alan Shearer
4. We Are the Champions - Arsenal FC
5. Theme From a Fistful of Dollars - Chris Evans
6. Down Down - Everton FC
7. Fake - Marc De Beaufort
8. Smack my Bitch up - Geoffrey Boycott
9. Same Old Song - Spice Girls
10. Boom Bang a Bang - Theodore Kaczynski

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