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Cor - What A Pair of Stunners!

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Yes what a delightful sight for all of you philatelists!

A stamp from Greenland and a picture of a real penny black the first stamp ever made! I can't give you any more information about stamps as I know nothing about them! but you don't have to be an expert to appreciate these two beauties!

(Oh sorry to all of you who were expecting something else on page three, but we can't get those sort of pictures!)

More rare beautiful sights in unison for you all in the next issue.


Lottery win will not change me says lucky milko!

A Milkman from Reading has said last monday that the 10 million pound win on tht national lottery will not change his lifestyle at all, he will continue with his job and will use the money for security. The man who has not been named was praised by his friends and neighbours, who said he was very popular, very kind and good natured.

After picking up his check on Tuesday, he left the ceremony in his new Ferari, with his new Girlfriend, resigned from his job and bought a villa in Spain. Mavis Johnson who lived next door stated that everyone will be glad to see the back of the tight-fisted b@#!ard, who we all thought was a bit weird.


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