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Sports Results


2.30 Newbury

  1. 52 I've got bob's watch on it 5/4 f
  2. 3 Help I need Somebody 3-1
  3. 1 Goodness Gracious Me 5-2
  4. 133 I'm a Firestarter 6-1
  5. 2 You need help 4-2
  6. 7 If you are actually reading this 4-5
  7. 6 Tony Adams 120-1
  8. 4 Ian Ormondroyd 150-1
  9. 5 Carlton Palmer 50-1
  10. 11 Pedigree Chum Now 3-1
10 Ran


World Championships

First round

Dave Large Beergut Davies bt Jimmy Fagbreath Jones 3-0: Andy Toking wizard Andrews bt Sammy Lazy Boy Smith 3-1: Lenny Doesn't have a Job Lewis bt Freddy Sweaty Armpits Fisher 3-2; Bob The Wanky Yank Belchness bt Bobby George 3-0;

Rugby League

Wigan Warriors 135 Taunton Tigers 0


Who really cares? Hendry probably or some other British person, as no-one else really plays the game, as it's really dull.

Match Report

Manchester City 1 Vs South Didsbury Cub Scouts (B) 6

Attendance: 28,125

Man City were again the purveyors of their own destruction, a story typical of their season in the South Manchester Cub Scout league, and typical of their fortunes since their slide from the Premier League. Hoping that their large crwod would put of the young lads, but it was a familiar story. They were winning 1-0 with ten minutes to go, and the strength and fitness of the cubs paid too much for city who conceded six late goals. Their manager Cheryl Baker said"It was just a poor lack of concentration over the last few minutes". She later resigned meaning that City now have to find their 12th new manager this week. John Inman is favourite to take over as he is free.

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